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YouTube Marketing: 3 Tips To More Lead Generation


YouTube marketing can be one of your most powerful tools in lead generation when you are trying to build a list. In general video marketing is the best way to reach your audience. Video marketing is more engaging than written posts and more effective than images. Don’t get me wrong all three are good but video marketing is the best.

The reason YouTube marketing still works is because YouTube is a search engine. In fact, YouTube it is the second largest search engine on the planet. Therefore if your YouTube marketing is done right when people go to search fore something you can be the first one they see! In the video below I explain a few things you can due to help your YouTube marketing be utilized to it’s full potential!

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YouTube Marketing For Network Markers

Why should a network marketer bother with YouTube? Well for one as I stated before it gets tons of traffic. You can make multiple channels with different gmail accounts and use them for different things. You can use one channel for business, your YouTube business channel. You can use another for your team and get more exclusive with them. You can even use another for your actual physical product. The point is everyone uses YouTube and there is no reason why you can’t position yourself to be in front of them.

YouTube SEO

If you are like me all you want to do is create a video and have the people magically know where to find it and fall in love with it and then they tell all their friends about it! Well, it does not work that way with YouTube or anything else you put on the internet!!. You have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you want to rank your YouTube videos.  Please be sure to get the full training so you can start ranking your videos.

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