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Warm Market Prospecting – Warm Market Differentiation


Warm market prospecting is supposed to be easy but not every warm market prospect is created equally. In other words, the way you approach your sister is not the way you should approach an old high school acquaintance. When it comes to the “warm market” and “warm market prospecting” there are categories. There are people you have great relationships with, then there are people you don’t have great relationships with. In the video below I will cover how Ray Higdon taught us on a special webinar to approach different people in your warm market.  Ray has great info on his blog too at http://rayhigdon.com/blog. I am giving you the cliff notes version in the video below. We will cover warm market prospecting with good rapport, warm market prospecting with no rapport and warm market prospecting with bad rapport. Get your pen and paper out.



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More Warm Market Prospecting Info

As I did some research on warm market prospecting and warm market differentiation I was surprised when there was not much info. At least not the way Ray Higdon breaks it down. I did find one blog post I like by another rock star you can get that here: http://sherribrowncoaching.com/the-dos-and-dont-of-warm-market-prospecting/

Warm Market Prospecting Online?

Plenty of people, me included, jump online thinking it is going to be some sort of magic fix to everything Click To Tweet. All I gotta do is share this link and the prospects are gonna start lining up unfortunately it does not work that way. You still have to build relationships you still have to develop basic skills. This blog post covers how to turn somebody you met on the magical interwebs into a warm market prospect. http://blog.myleadsystempro.com/3-steps-to-turning-an-internet-stranger-into-a-warm-market-prospect?id=drmemo03

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