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Twitter Marketing: 3 Strategies To More Twitter MLM Leads


Twitter marketing can be frustrating and time consuming but if you can master it and automate some aspects, it becomes a valuable asset to your MLM business. Recently I was on a webinar with Adam Chandler ( and he was sharing his secrets to double digit leads daily with his twitter marketing. In the video below I share 3 strategies to help you build your MLM business on twitter.

Twitter Marketing Leads

I pointed this out in the video but one of the main things with twitter marketing is engaging people as much as possible. So try to use the time saved by automating some of your twitter marketing for engaging your audience. Twitter is a powerful social media marketing tool but you want to use it right and not waste your time. My advice would be to only start with one twitter channel and build that up. My results since starting these strategies are amazing and they are only going to get better! Whatever you do, do not let this be your flavor of the month when it comes to trying to get leads. Focus your energy here and integrate it into your daily method of operations. There is no such thing as something for nothing so put some time into setting it up, if you want it to work. There is tons more detail on the full training so make sure you get it.

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Remember at the time of me writing this post it is March 18th!

The two sites again are and

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      Great I am Glad You Got Value!! Hope your Doing Awesome! Appreciate The Comment!!

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