The Key To Get On Stage

The Key To Get On Stage


Yes, this post talks about something else I learned while at Top earner Academy. The main topic was prospect and recruiting but the sub topic was how to get on stage. I bet you would love to know the secret Ray Higdon ( shared to get on stage. Am I right? Well watch the video and you will get the answer!
First a few questions: what do you think is holding you back? Do you approach every person in every market the same way? We will go over those things below the video!

So you can see that the number one thing that Ray says will get you on stage is the amount of No’s you get. I get the feeling most of know this we just don’t do it. Obviously the more people we talk to the more chance we can get eyeballs on our opportunity, and the more people that see the opportunity the better chance your team will grow and the more they grow the better chance you get on stage. It is a numbers game, at least until a certain point. Once you can say “hey I’m making 20k a month part-time from home want to see how I do it?” then I’m sur all our batting averages will go up. Until then need more rejections! A couple things, don’t be addicted to the outcome and don’t try to close everyone.

There was tons of information during this training and one of those things was the embracement of a couple words. One word was “until.” I am going to keep inviting until… I’m going to keep presenting until… The other word was “despite.” I’m going to succeed despite…. I’m going to find the time despite…. Another thing Ray said was to be the best you must invest. Invest in yourself with course coaching at the minimum time to take in free trainings and webinars. But he did warn that in the end “free” is the most expensive.

Warm Market Differentiation

This was kind of a new topic but it is similar to something I wrote about in another blog post about warm market, cold market and HOT market. Click here to see that post. Basically what he did was break down the warm market: positive rapport, No or neutral rapport, and negative rapport (just because they are warm market doesn’t mean they are warm and fuzzy). With every market you want to approach them differently. With the positive rapport almost anything works. If you do not have rapport you want to deflect to the product do not focus on opportunity. The same thing goes for the negative rapport group. Lastly, on this topic if you have a burnt market, in other words, they are immune to your money message, again you want to lead with the product. (I’ll be sharing scripts in a bit)

Cold Market Recruiting

First thing that was said to us about our cold market is learn how to think not what to think. In other words you have to train your mind to look at what’s possible. Think about the possibility of the next person you talk to being the best network marketer in your city not the fact that they will probably say no thanks. So think about possible not probable. What you want to do is utilize a break in communication (BIC) ask a question, collect info and leave. Make sure to manage you eagerness. If they happily give you info don’t do the network marketing vomit all over them. It’s an Invitation not a presentation. Just because you can answer every question doesn’t mean you will get more recruits.


Below are the scripts they shared for each market, including a lack of belief script.

Did you like that bonus script for following up? I hope you got tons of value from this extra-long post. If you did please comment and share.
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