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If you are an entrepreneur of any kind then you should be reading. I know some like a physical book but it is nice to have everything in one place too!

you should be making videos if you are trying to brand yourself. But you don't have to break the bank for a high end camera. The flip cam is great and works fine. Your phone does awesome video but if you are like me it runs out of space too quickly plus uploading to edit video is easier from the flip cam!

The Surface Pro Is one of my goals as a PC user. Tons of features on this baby. Makes it perfect for running any business!

Other than My Phone I have never been a mac user but seems like everyone that has one is in love with it so that is why I put it here. So if you think Mac is the way to go then Click the image!

I know a whiteboard is not actually tech gear but if you are a marketer you have to have a white board or you are not that serious "nuff said"

Your phone is a great camera but holding it is not always the best option so it is nice to have a little tripod to hold it up!