Social Media Recruiting For Network Marketers

Social Media Recruiting For Network Marketing Professionals


Recently, I was on a web class hosted by Lisa Torres where she shared her social media recruiting secrets to acquiring 450+ customers sponsoring 100+ new reps into her opportunity and earning $212,000 with MLSP in just 24 months without using any paid ads.

What I am sharing is a short overview of what she shared, you can watch my video on social media recruiting below:


If you want to check out her course on social media recruiting go to

6 Step Social Media Recruiting Strategy

#1 Brand Yourself- this will set you apart from everyone in your company. If you brand your company Logo images and products all over social media you will make a few sales but it’s not a very good long term play. you may leave the company the company may change something or get shut down etc… Basically Always brand yourself on the front end

#2 Build Your List- your list is an asset that you own. No List no

#3 Build Relationships and Rapport- Leads are the life blood of your business but if all you have is a list of people that your not building a relationship with then that list is just sitting there waiting for someone else to come build the relationship.
Lisa Torres stated that relationships are the foundation to all her sales and why her team has such a high retention rate in her businesses.
Your first conversation with someone should be more relationship building and rapport building and not for selling.
She also gave the advice of attending events so you can build relationships with more like minded people

#4 Create Valuable Content- When you learn to create value based content you will build a following of people who love you because of what you provide to the market place
Creating value base content will brand you on social media and makes you an expert in your prospects eyes. And they are watching you.
Teach something then ask for the sale!

#5 Ask The Right Questions- The conversation is the relationship. If you don’t know how to have a conversation they will not join you. Having the right question will help your Facebook recruiting
Note: She did not share what questions to ask for that I guess you have to buy the course

#6 Follow up and Close- What do you say when following up on social media how do you get them to say yes at looking at your product or sevice? How do you close a person when you are following up with them? Everyone that agrees to see her presentation gets put on a calendar to follow up within 24 hours and keeps up until they watch or say no.

If they do watch it she will start with “what did you like best?”
If positive she says “sounds like you’re ready to join” and waits!

 A Simple Social Media Recruiting Trick You Can Use Right Now.

It is a a curiosity post that goes something like this:

once you write this post this is what you do next:

Like your own post, then periodically unlike the post, then like it again a bit later.  When people comment do NOT hit the reply button, instead in a comment, tag a the person and tell them to check their inbox. Then go to that persons profile and send your message, which is the info they requested. While on their profile like and/or comment on a couple of their posts. Finally, add that person to a custom Facebook list

That list is a custom news feed of just the people on that list. So when you check it you can like and/or comment on their posts periodically. In other words, you are building the relationship and rapport. People must know, like, and trust you if
they are to buy from you!

So that is Lisa Torres’s Social Media Recruiting Strategy in a nutshell. This is just the meat and potatoes of her web class, and if you really want all her secrets then you need to look into her course.

For more details go to:

Dr. Memo

PS: You can try this amazing free resource to help you with social media recruiting!



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