How To Build A Massive Social Media Following

How Do you Build A Massive Social Media Following?


If you want people to see your offers then your first order of business is to build a massive social media following. Once you build a massive social media following then you can promote your offers and sell your products.

The best way to build yourself a massive social media following is live video.
Especially on Facebook. Facebook lives still get way more viewing time. Since Facebook itself likes live videos it will show it to more people. Therefore, it has a larger organic reach. Plus, if you’re trying to build a brand nothing is better than live video.

What Kind Of Facebook Live Video Should You Share?

Well, training videos are always a great way to start building a following. You can share tips about something you learned. Always keep in mind who you’re trying to attract. Live lifestyle posts are also very popular and they can be simple. It doesn’t have to be you somewhere out in the tropics or something It can just be you going for a walk with your kids or spouse. You can show some “behind the scenes” footage of your everyday grind. Hosting a live Q&A is another idea. Then, eventually, you want to do some promotional posts. After all we are in business and a business’s purpose is to make the business owner (that’s you) money.

Do I Shoot Live Videos On My Facebook Fanpage Or My Personal Profile?

All I can do is comment from experience and what every other trainer has said. If you are thinking long term, the fanpage is best. Because you can have unlimited fans and also advertise or boost the video to reach more people faster. That being said, your video in the beginning of you building your social media following will reach more people live on your personal profile. What I do now is utilize the fact that Facebook allows you to shoot live video from your desktop too. So I use my desktop and phone to shoot a live video at the same time.

What’s The Best Facebook Live Formula?

First of all your video should be value based. Make sure to have the end in mind but always think of how to give value first. What can you give or create that your following will want to become a lead or buy. Make sure to have catchy copy in the text portion of your post. I don’t know how many videos I see that don’t have text so i have no idea what they’re about, therefore, I don’t watch them. Put a link for the people to go to. This is always up for debate, some trainers say put a link, some say put a link in the comments, some say never put a link. You will have to be the judge and do what you feel is best. Personally, sometimes I put one, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I put one in the comments. I never have noticed a big difference.

Next comes your introduction and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just you name, website and maybe where your shooting from.This next part is also up for debate. In the training I cover above, Kate Mcshea says to engage your audience right after your introduction. Something like this “when you hop on say who you are and where your from so I can give you a shout out” This does seem to work as long as people are watching, which isn’t always easy to tell. Some trainers say just get into content never pausing to engage your audience because it interupts the flow of your training video and more people are going to see the replay than the actual live anyway. Me, I like to do more of the former because I believe people like that recognition but i don’t get carried away.

The next step is to give the training and most social media trainers agree that your live video should be a bit longer, like 10 minutes or so. After you do your training then engage your audience again by asking if they enjoyed or got value from the video. You’re alomost done.

What you want to do now is the most important part of the video and that is give a call to action, but keep it subtle. In other words, tell your following what to do next. Mention the link you put in or or just say your link and tell them it will be in the comments but you want people to eventually become a lead and you have to tell them how to do that. Finally, engage your audience again answering questions or asking if they have questions. Kate Mcshea did mention to ignore any “trolls” you may have.

What If You Don’t Have A Large Social Media Following?

Well, like everyone else you have to build one. Just start shooting live videos and chances are nobody will be on there especially on your fanpage. Once you are done share it to your profile and into groups you own and even other social media sites. If you are building a list share it with them too. Get consistent and your social media following will begin to appear.

What Are Some Best Practice Tips For Shooting Your Facebook Live?

Tell people ahead of time that you are going to go live. Make sure you have a strong wifi connection. If you don’t have good wifi you want 4G or better to get a good signal. Notify everyone when you’re going live, including your fans and list. Engage your audience and don’t be scared to respond. Mistakes are ok and If you don’t know the answer it’s ok to say so. You can tell them you will look into it and shoot another video. For better organic reach then it’s better if the video is a bit longer. You can even have some of your own questions ready to go so you can answer them. Make it fun you can even come up with giveaways. Something like whoever asks the best question gets a free 15 minute call or gift card. Lastly, and most importantly be consistent. It can’t be stressed enough that you need to be consistent to get real results.

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