snapchat marketing ideas

Snapchat Marketing Ideas


Snapchat marketing has recently really taken off! Many of the top marketers in the network marketing or direct sales niche are jumping on board. In fact, if you are reading this and are not on snapchat you are a bit late to the party! But that’s ok, because snapchat and snapchat marketing is like no other social media platform and you can jump right on in!! Make sure to scroll all the way down for some bonus snapchat marketing ideas!

Why Snapchat?

Snapchat is different and therefore, snapchat marketing is different!!

  • No comments, likes, or sharing so you don’t have to worry about engagement
  • 24 hours and the image or video is gone. This creates urgency
  • People will come back everyday
  • People have to click if they want to see
  • Need to send people there which does make it hard to create a following

Snapchat Marketing Tips

  • Provide a behind the scenes look of your life
  • Provide tips and advice about your niche
  • Special reviews before anyone else sees
  • If you have a product you can do special discount codes
  • Involve your fans in your story
  • Do a snap with a call to action to screenshot next snap with site or code

Secrets To Getting More Snapchat Followers

  • Put your snapchat pic everywhere. Make profile pic on other social media sites!!
  • Give a call to action to chat with you in the stories
  • Again screenshots
  • Everyone on snapchat has a web address mine is feel free to follow me!!
  • Post everyday
  • Have a url you can use on snapchat for tracking
  • Share your results everywhere and invite people to follow you
  • Have giveaways only for snapchat followers but announce it on other sites!
  • Tell your email list to follow you

There are a couple of thing you do not want to do with your snapchat marketing. The first is do not use landscape mode although I imagine this may change! This next one is more important. Do not send a private mass message to every one of your followers because that is very spammy!

The best thing about snapchat marketing is it can create awesome engagement and urgency. Click To TweetThe photos or videos only stay for twenty-four hours. Plus the pictures and videos will only stay on screen for a max of ten seconds. So imagine you are having a giveaway on snapchat and it’s awesome because you are awesome. You then announce on Facebook that anybody who follows me on snapchat has a chance to win or they will get a special code for major discount or a free coaching call. Use your imagination!!

How To Make Money With Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat allows you to share your passion with the world instantly. Like any other social media site you want to be real, not always selling. People have to get to know, like, and trust you then eventually you can make some money and to do so you can follow this 4 step process!

A Couple Extra Snapchat Tips

There is an app out there called ghost codes and you should download it. Last I checked you need a code to get in but all you have to do is email there support to ask for one after you download the app. Ghost codes is a list of people on snapchat. Add yourself and put yourself in the appropriate category. Make sure you add everyone back because this opens your ability to chat with them. There are tons of other features coming all the time like “memories” and recently noticed their might be an app for snap search.

Here is a big one. You can see who screen shot your snaps! Just go to “my story” click the three little dots and you can see how many views you got so far plus if the little eyeball is green it means that person screeenshot your snap! Then you can start a conversation with that person. that is a highly targeted lead! This will be apperent when you get inside and you can get a live example if you get the training!! Last tip for branding, snapchat has geo-filters and you can get your own at

I hope you found this post valuable and if you want a free training click that button above.  AND if you want to really take this to another level Cesar Rodriguez came out with an awesome snapchat course and you can get it by clicking here! Don’t forget to share this post!!

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