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Pinterest Marketing Strategy For Network Marketers


I must admit it never crossed my mind to have a Pinterest marketing strategy, much less a Pinterest marketing strategy for network marketers. Recently my mind was changed how one can use Pinterest for business. I was on a web class hosted by Vince Reed ( and he had Melyssa Griffin ( on as a special guest. She’s been using Pinterest to build her business and email list for a couple of years. Using her Pinterest marketing strategy she was able to go from 2000 subscribers to over 140,000 in just over 2 years. Not coincidentally her income grew 700%.

Things You Didn’t Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is not just for do it yourself projects and women. Pretty much every niche or type of business can be found when you search Pinterest. It has 175 million users from all over the world, with the amount of men jumping on growing rapidly. Myself included in that last part. Remember wherever you're not there's a marketer putting their stuff in front of your audience. #askdrmemo Click To Tweet

Secondly, when considering a Pinterest marketing strategy, you have to realize that Pinterest is not a social media platform. Think about it, when was the last time you had a conversation with somebody on Pinterest? When was the last time you posted your opinion or photos of your everyday life on Pinterest? So what is Pinterest? It’s a visual a search engine. In other words, it’s closer to being Google than it is to being Instagram or Facebook.

If you’re like me there’s a chance you jumped on Pinterest a while back but then never really did anything with it. Well, once Melyssa Griffin said it was a search engine it was like fireworks went off in my head. That I understand, that I can work with.


Pinterest Marketing Strategy

The first thing you want to do is be more of a curator and not just some random pinner. So ask yourself this question: “who is my target audience?” Pinterest is about them not about you.Let me be clear, if you are using Pinterest for business it’s about them not about you. If you are just using it for personal stuff then I don’t know why you’re reading this.

Melyssa Griffin gave the advice to think of that one person you are trying to attract. What would they type into the Pinterest search bar. Then you want to create boards to attract that person. Make sure your first board is your content and nobody else. Make sure that each board is relevant to your Ideal audience. Most importantly use board names that have keywords. Keywords are the key to search engine optimization (SEO). She recommended you create about 10-15 boards using keywords in the title.

Pinterest Is Not A Social Media Site

This next part of the Pinterest marketing strategy is going to blow your mind. Well at least did for me. When she pointed this out bells and whistles went off in my head. Pinterest is NOT a social media platform it is a SEARCH ENGINE! It makes perfect sense. I never have talked to anybody on Pinterest. Have you ever had a conversation with anybody on Pinterest?

Knowing this there are some important things you need to know. The content you post should not be about you and hashtags mean nothing. Everything on Pinterest is based on keywords. Pinterest has what they call the “smart feed” and will display the best pins first, not the newest. Therefore, if Pinterest doesn’t feel you share quality pins, your pins may never be seen.

The key to showing up in the Pinterest smart feed is the use of keywords in whatever you pin. Keywords are words or phrases that somebody would be searching for to find your article or website. For example, I am using the keywords pinterest, pinterest marketing, and Pinterest marketing strategy for this blog post. The hope is that when someone types one of those words in the search bar this blog post pops up. The same goes for Pinterest boards and content. So for your product or sevice what would someone type into the Pinterest search bar to find your content. Here’s a hint, it is not your company name. With the smart use of keywords your pins will get found and this means you are more likely to get re-pins and traffic to your website.

So how do we come up with good keywords? Again what would someone type into the search bar to look for your product, service or article? If you are not sure just go to the Pinterest search bar and start typing something relevant to your niche. It will give you ideas and puts them in order of popularity.

Once you have a keywords (or phrases) you want to put those in your pin description. Anywhere between 3-5 keywords or phrases will do. Also you want to google “creating rich pins.” It is easy to set up, I did it in about ten minutes and what it does is make your pin titles look nicer.

So remember hashtags do nothing, use keywords. The keywords are the reason your pins will show up at the top of the smart feed and the “picked for you section.” The picked for you section are pins that Pinterest thinks people would want to see. Without keywords your pins will go to the bottom of the smart feed or not be seen at all.

Pinterest Marketing Starts With Your Website

Getting traffic to your website is awesome but that is not really the end goal. The end goal is what you want the traffic to accomplish. Do you want people to comment, become email subscribers or something else? I don’t know what your end goal is but for me it’s for people to end up on my list. Melyssa Griffin grew her subscribers from 2000 to 140,000 in about two years.

The following is what Melyssa Griffin recommended for your site. She said you want to have a two places on your home page where people can opt in. She has a nice photo and button that is the first thing you see. She also has a place on her header where people can click and opt in. When she added the header button her opt-ins doubled overnight. One thing she suggest, that she was pretty adamant about, is to have a button that gets clicked then the person opt-ins, not to to have the form right on your page. I am currently doing this wrong lol. Even so since implementing these Pinterest marketing strategies I am averaging about ten leads a day from Pinterest.

Make sure to emphasize your goal on your website. In other words, do you want people to opt into your list? Maybe you want them to buy something or maybe you simply want them to follow you on social media. Basically you want the traffic that comes from Pinterest to get some direction because without some sort of call to action you will get traffic but not build an audience!

Overall if you use Pinterest as a search engine combined with the right strategy you will grow your traffic and audience quickly!

I also found this blog post to further explain your Pinterest marketing strategy:

I hope you got some good insight on how to use pinterest. To make it a little easier for you I created this infographic.

Enjoy the traffic

Dr. Memo

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