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Passion For Network Marketing, Do You Have Enough?


Passion when I first joined my network marketing company was not my strongest asset. Like most people I first joined not because of passion for the product, or the type of business but because I saw a way to make some money from the comfort of my home. As time went on, I realized there is more to network marketing than just making a few bucks. Hopefully if you have been in this for more than a few months you realize you should have some passion for either your product, or network marketing itself! Even if your passion is the result that network marketing can bring is good enough!

In the video below I explain why passion is important in anything you do. Give it a listen to and if you get some value share it with your friends! Facebook, Twitter,  Google

How Does Your Passion Rank?

Do you love network marketing? Do you love your product? Both? When you have passion for something you can hear it in your voice when you talk about it and see it in the person as they describe the thing they love. I love network marketing but not because I see the value of the residual income. I love network marketing because it took me to a better place mentally. Until I joined my MLM I had not read a book in about 10 years. I had not written down any goals I had not listened to anything motivational. I was like a shell. I thought my life was already over and this was the way I was going to live it. Ridicules I know but I did not know any better. Needless to say I am grateful I decided to jump into this amazing opportunity.

What has network marketing done for you?

I am sure that if you have been in network marketing for at least 6 months is has ignited a passion in you. Maybe you re-discovered your passion for helping people. Maybe you finally started volunteering. If you feel like you lack in passion you can check out Brendon Burchard’s video. In the end some passion for network marketing is necessary to succeed. Click To Tweet How else will you do anything nobody is making you do? Your success is up to you and bringing passion is part of the game. For example I eventually want to start coaching (teaching) others because I love that interaction I love seeing that light bulb go off. I love that I know I can explain things different ways to help different people.

This opportunity that is network marketing is just that. An opportunity to create lasting wealth. An opportunity to help others do the same. An opportunity to show those with ambition but no direction that they can come out of the darkness. So what are you waiting for go out there and share your opportunity they are waiting for you they just don’t know it yet!

Together We Can Do Anything!

Stay Awesome

Dr. Memo

PS: If you have not recruited anyone or your team is less than ten people check out this course.


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