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Network Marketing Mindset Training


What is network marketing mindset? Well if you’ve been in your company for a bit you know it’s basically being able to take the hits and keep on going. In my opinion, mindset training should be a requirement to anyone thinking of joining a network marketing company.

The first thing you have to remember is that the key ingredient to your success in network marketing is you. Everyone is working with the same products and the same compensation plan. You are the only variable. This is why working on your mindset is so important. We hear stories all the time of people getting turned down by those closest to them. It can and will be disheartening and if you haven’t had any mindset training you will quit.

Recently I took a course called The Entrepreneurial Journey by Mark Harbert. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available but if you want to check out some of his other stuff you can click here! It was an interactive course and in one of our web classes he went over 5 mindset hacks every entrepreneur should know.

Before we get into the 5 network marketing mindset hacks you have to figure out your why or better yet your vision. What is it at your core that keeps you going. It’s important to have a core passion or a vision that has emotion attached to it. When you have this you will keep going. The naysayers won’t effect you as much. Most importantly when you fail and you will, you will be able to get up and keep going.



Network Marketing Mindset Training

1. Mindset Hack #1- Become A Student
2. Mindset Hack #2 – Structure (self accountability)
3. Mindset Hack #3 – Commitment – commit to the process
4. Mindset Hack #4 – Self Image – Be Aware of Emotions
5. Mindset Hack #5 – YOU are the real product

Personal development builds your confidence and posture. Lack of knowledge breeds fear and fear breeds negative results.

Tips To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Stop procrastinating and make decisive decisions. Then learn to recognize opportunity when you see it and move on it. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Lastly, and most important, learn to manage and regulate your emotions.

I think it’s important for me to point out that mindset training alone can’t make you a fortune. You have to be developing the skills as well. Your skills won’t matter without the proper mindset but your mindset won’t either if you are not taking action toward your goals!

Stay Awesome!

Together We Can Do Anything!

Dr. Memo

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