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MLM Duplication might be the most important part of your business’s long term success. So the question is what is something you can show your MLM team to do that they can show their MLM prospect to do? There are many ways to duplicate, yet it seems too often to be a missing piece in a lot of people’s businesses. Everyone wants to do their own thing. Reinvent the wheel as they say. I was listening to a training from Dave and Kate Ingram that they delivered at Top Earner Academy and they share what they do for their network marketing business to create duplication. In the video I go over some of the things they covered!

MLM Duplication Systems

Keep in mind that everyone is different but there needs to be some continuity and simplicity in your duplication tactics. Lifestyle, our story, and journey are something we are going through in a unique way but it something we can all share easily in this day of social media. Now besides that we do need a system of duplicable actions too! Just be sure to keep it simple as well. Todd Falcone has a great video on this in YouTube. (Click here to see it) Too many times our mlm duplication is over before it starts. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You sign up a prospect, you go home and celebrate. Then a few days later you realize your prospect is not doing anything and you call them to see what’s up. When it becomes obvious that they have no idea what to do next. So make sure you have a system for them that they can pass along the next day to another brand new person. In other words a brand new prospect should have a way to show their new prospect what to do. Confused people don’t do anything.

In Network Marketing It Only Matters What Duplicates

Eric Worre Always says it doesn’t matter what works it only matters what duplicates. In other words what worked for you may not work for everyone else. We as leaders have to keep that in mind. So remember we all have a story and we are all on a journey. Let people in let them see how you have been effected. How your life is changing for the better because you found network marketing or an MLM. You don’t have to have massive success either to show these things. You can show how your mindset has changed and life just tastes better now!

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