How to use internet for lead generation

How To Use The Internet For Lead Generation


I just got off a periscope by Ray Higdon and he was sharing lead generation and sales strategies using the internet. Needless to say when a 7 figure online marketer shares one his secrets to success I listen. Basically, he talked about the difference between amateur marketers and master marketers like himself.

Lead Generation: Amateurs

Ray pointed out that what most people do when the want to market something is send people right to the thing they are marketing.

For example, they paste links of their MLM opportunity all over the internet or if they are selling something they send people right to the sales page. After all numbers are the name of the game. Right? Well unfortunately that just does not work for marketing. People are sick and tired of being bombarded with this stuff it is not good enough. Especially on social media where people do not, I repeat do not go to look for the next product or opportunity.

Lead Generation Done A Bit Better

A slightly better way to market your product or business is with a lead capture. The thing here people will click on it and see it’s a capture page and click away. We all need a way to generate leads but nobody wants to put their name and email for nothing.  There has to be some sort of value for them to be motivated. So we all need a capture page system for sure if you do not have one you really should think about getting one for your business but more on that later.

Lead Generation: Master Marketer

What Ray said he does is create content around the end goal, not market the end goal directly. So he creates content on a daily basis in some form and points it to whatever it is he wants people to check out. What the master marketer has realized, like Ray is that one must provide value. If you are not a value creator you are dead in the water. The more value you give the better.  

One can use various ways to create content like YouTube, Facebook or Periscope to give value to an audience then point them somewhere. It is more of a two-step process. He also stated that your most valuable form of traffic is your list. If we really want to be master marketers we should absolutely be building a list. There is one thing that he loves above all else to both provide value and build his list and that is blogging. A blog can’t be taken from you. You can’t be banned from it so you will always have it to provide value and sell your services. It is also great for building your list but in my opinion you do need some sort of capture page system and auto responder to really build that list out and to communicate with them especially in the beginning. Earlier this year I decided to start doing this, although my say I need to be more consistent!

So what do we need for some lead generation mastery?

  • Content that is valuable
  • Lead capture System
  • List Builder/auto responder
  • Blog

Sounds like a lot I know but if I can do it so can you. Luckily I found a system that does all this for me. It provides the content. It provides the capture system. It provides the CRM complete with follow up messages and now it provides the ability to create a blog in like 3 steps. All training for marketing is in the system and that CRM  helps keep track of your leads, your phone calls. If you want to check it out you can check out the system here.  

I hope you got some value from this impromptu post! If you did comment and share!

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