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Instagram Lead Generation For Network Marketers


Instagram lead generation-how to use instagram marketing to attract more leads was my first Sunday Marketing Solution. Instagram lead generation can be tricky but it is very possible. I was on a webinar through the MLSP community and april Marie Tucker was hosting. She is known as the Instagram Queen or Instagram Marketing Queen. She shared in an almost 3 hour web class what is working now as far as instagram lead generation. She is the Instagram marketing expert not me! I am merely sharing what I learned.

3 Main Ingredients To Instagram Lead Generation

1) Have A Captivating “Bio”

2) Share Value

3) Get Followers

In the video below I give an overview of what was said on the Instagram lead generation training and what was an almos 3 hour training is just over a half hour. It is the most important parts without the introductions and the irrelevant questions. You can connect with April Marie Tucker on her blog at

Instagram Lead Generation Overview

For A More In Depth Instagram Cheat Sheet Click Below

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These classes are going to be every Sunday at 2:30 pm central until further notice. They will be geared toward helping network marketers get better by sharing new marketing and lead generation strategies. The goal here is to share with you what I have learned from either a webinar a course or an event!


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