How to close your network marketing prospects

How To Close Your Prospects In Network Marketing


Another Sunday marketing solution and this time we covered “How To Close Your Prospects In Network Marketing”

If your in network marketing your company is realy good at teaching you prospecting but usually they don’t do much teaching on closing your prospects. Yet if you are presenting you need to know how to close your network marketing prospects.

I recently went over a couple of trainings on how to close your network marketing prospects and decided this would be great to share!

We covered closing strategies for network marketers and for those of you promoting a system or affiliate product. There was alot of content and the training went on for an hour. I also covered some objection handling  and decided I am going to dedicate an entire training to it as well.

If you like scripts I also went over a couple of those to help you close your prospects. I gave voicemail scripts and what to say if your prospect does answer your call!

How To Close Your Prospects In Network Marketing Replay

You can have access to an online event Ray Higdon hosted just click the button


Some Keys On How To Close Your Network Marketing Prospects

  1. We covered the fact that you need to call your prospects/leads
    I read off some scripts if you do talk to a prospect and what to leave on there voice mail if they don’t answer
  2. I talked about filling your network marketing prospects, or any prospect for that matter, needs. Fill there need, you are not trying to convince or change anyone’s mind!
  3. I talked about the follow up process and how to get time committments.
  4. One key to closing your network marketing prospects is managing your energy. Stay postured never get defensive.
  5. I covered what to say after they watched the video whether they were negative or positive.

Those are just some of the points made on the video with the most important key to closing your prospects in network marketing being to keep your posture and manage your energy. Never under any circumstances should you get defensive.

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