First Believe You Can Succeed

First Believe You Can Succeed


Believe you can succeed and you will be successful! If you are an entrepreneur you have heard this over and over again, right? Is it really true? Well one thing I do well is study. Since I have started network marketing I have been trying to get better at it and become successful. Every trainer has different skill sets and emphasize different things but they all have a couple things in common. One of those is you have to have a great mindset which I cover in a separate blog post and the other is you have to believe you can succeed before you will ever become successful.  In the video below I question the strength of you your belief. How strong is your belief? Does it measure up? If you get some value from the video give it a share! Facebook, Twitter, Google!

Do You Believe You Can Succeed?

Visualize yourself receiving that next rank or that big paycheck. Can you see it, more importantly can you feel it? This is what you have to do first. See it and feel it before it happens, then think about that extra income and what it will do for you and your family. How does that feel? Lock onto that and let it fuel you into taking action! Get a morning routine and a before bed routine of visualization or meditation of some sort. It will keep you centered.

How To Be Successful

Are you all in? Let me be clear, I am not telling you to quit your job! I still have my job and until I almost double that with my business I’ll still be there. That being said, I stretch us to the limit when it comes to finance and time. I am constantly investing in myself and I always will. You may not want to give up your favorite TV show or something like that and if that is the case you are not all in. You will have to put time into your business EVERY SINGLE DAY and TWICE ON SUNDAY! Click To Tweet There is no easy way, there is not a secret formula. Work smarter not harder statement is a bunch a crap. So is work harder not smarter. The truth is you have to do both, work smarter and harder!! Somewhere in there we lost site of the work hard part. We want easy, simple, no obstacles, no tears, no blood, or sweat. If that is what you are looking for and you are network marketer please do yourself and the network marketing profession a favor and get out now! If you are all in let’s promise to work hard, keep our integrity and keep pushing forward. For example, I used to tell prospects “all you gotta do is….” I think back and think I was lying to them. Yes you just have to call people but you have to call and expose hundreds, especially in the beginning.

I hope this post fires you up! I hope you’re pissed off! I hope you get into action! Because I’m telling you right now nobody feels sorry for you so stop waiting to be saved and take a look in the mirror. That person looking back is special, that person looking back is the hero you have been waiting for! Start acting like it! And believe it!

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“Stay Gold Pony Boy” (name the movie!)

Dr. Memo

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