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Create A Blog? Me? No Way!


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever create a blog. Honestly I did not even know what a blog really was so I definitely didn’t think I could create a blog.  I thought blogs, whatever they were, had to be given to you! Obviously I found out differently or you would not be reading this right now! Still it kind of boggles my mind!

Why Create A Blog?

I decided to create a blog when I realized there were some pretty big time marketers with a blog and I though “why do they have a blog?” I mean they are doing well they don’t need a blog. Well I came to find out that part of the reason they were killing it is because they have a blog. When you create a blog you now have the ability to brand yourself and make you into the authority of whatever niche you are in. Do you like when sales people call your phone all day? Me neither! Yet that is the same tactic people use in home business constantly and it just does not work! You have to bring something more to the table!

How Do I Create A Blog?

You might be thinking like I was that you have no idea how to create a blog. Well don’t worry because plenty have done it before so you can too. The first thing that happened to me was I ran into Tanya Aliza’s ultimate branding blueprint which is an amazing course on blogging and how to create a blog from scratch!  The next thing I did and the thing that finally got me moving in the right direction was purchase Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute expert. In Ray Higdon’s course he shows you how to become an authority in your niche! He goes over creating content for your blog, how to create the content and how to monetize your blog.  There is way too much in the course for me to list here. I highly recommend you look into the three minute expert. Ray did an interview last year talking how doing what he teaches in his course changed his life. You can check out that interview Just click here!

If you are only relying on social media or other free sources to create content you must realize that it truly doesn’t belong to you. If one of those sites decides you violated their terms and conditions then they can ban you for life. Accounts get shutdown every single day. Don’t let your voice get silenced. Make sure you create content that will be around for a long time. The best way to do that is create a blog.

Here is the 3 minute expert back office


Can A Blog Make Me Money?

Well the quick and easy answer is yes! In the 3 minute expert Ray Higdon explains how to monetize your blog so it can make you money for years to come. Are there blogs out there that don’t make money or don’t care to make any money? Sure there are. But if you want to monetize your blog no course is better than the 3 Minute Expert. Not only will you learn how to get it in front of more people you will learn how to make sure people can find it while searching for content on the internet! You will learn how people will go from consuming your content to subscribing to your list to one day buying from you all because you decided to create a blog! The course comes with all the secrets to creating a successful blog plus tons of bonuses. Like I said check out this interview and see for yourself!!


Together We Can Do Anything

Dr. Memo

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