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Content Marketing Ideas: 6 Content Marketing Strategies


This is an overview of content marketing ideas given during one of the sessions at No Excuses Summit 8. This particular session, not only on content marketing ideas but also content marketing strategies, was given by Bill Pescosolido! You can check out more of his content at No Excuses Summit is hosted by Elite Marketing Pro and is one of the best generic network marketing training events.


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So Why Even Worry About Content Marketing Ideas?

For starters it begins to build your brand and it also starts to establish you as a credible authority in your niche!

If you want to attract more prospects you have to create:

1. compelling content
2. quality content
3. consistent content

The issue most people have and why their content marketing strategies fail is usually because of one of two things:

a) they create content that is NOT compelling or
b) they don't create enough consistent content to build the know, like, and trust factor.

Either way you don't want to lose or worse yet never get momentum because of these two things.

How do you create compelling content?

Compelling content will uncover or expose a pain of your target audience. Then it agitates that pain so your audience realizes they need to find a solution.

Before anybody buys anything they have to be problem aware. Plenty of people know something is wrong but they can't pin point it and even worse, they have no idea how to solve it.

Once they are problem aware you offer a solution to their problem.
That solution is in the form of your product or service. That is your call to action. Now they are problem aware and this will motivate your audience to take action to solve their pain.

6 Simple Content Marketing Ideas For Content Creation

1. Facebook Groups - join Facebook groups in your niche and pay attention to what other are asking. Look for common questions so you can get content marketing ideas. You can also survey the group and see what kind of responses you get.

2. Company or Product Reviews - write a review about your product or your company showcasing the benefits. You can also do a video showcasing your product or service. Share your results or somebody else's results. Lastly, you can show them what's behind the curtain when they buy, give them a little sneak peak.

3. Dig Deep into Your Offer - You have to ask yourself who is your customer avatar. What are their pains and struggles. What solution do you have for their pain and struggles. Make a list of their pains so you can make content around that.

4. Look up 10 blog post on _______ - What niche are you in? Look up different blog post on your topic and do some research. Aggregate the information form the different blog post and put it into your own words. Grab snippets that you like and create your own content. Do not copy word for word!

5. Watch a Webinar Or Training - Take notes and figure out the 3 biggest takeaways. Then you can create a video or post about them. You can try this process. Take notes, think about and try to comprehend the notes. Let the details sink in and let the juices flow a bit as it marinates in your brain. Then apply the concept into your business and write about your results.
An important thing you have to remember with all of your content marketing ideas is that you only have to be one step ahead of your audience . You do not need huge results to be a credible authority.

6. Live Event Notes - You have a company convention you go to every year take notes and share them. Get people's testimonials and share those as well. Go to industry seminars and workshops and so the same thing. At each event you should get a good amount of content marketing ideas to share with your audience.


There you have it a content marketing strategy you can use day in and day out. If you are really working on yourself and your business coming up with content should not be to hard. You have to be willing to put yourself out there.

Stay Awesome

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