What I Want Is Not What You Want!! (1)

What I Want Is Not What You Want

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Are you in the home business niche and having trouble with people seeing what you have to offer. Or they see it but they are still not interested? Have you listened to every mentor out there? You have read the books and meditated, but still…

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What Have You Learned Lately

Learning is Lifelong

Are You Stuck? Are you stuck in the same routine day in and day out? Are you comfortable but dissatisfied? Are you afraid to learn new things? When was the last time you learned something new? Are you so worried to fail you do nothing? When someone asks you how’s it going do you say…

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Why Am I Doing This

MY WHY!!!!!!!! Why am I doing this? Why am I taking a new road in life, a new business, a new venture?  The answer can be easy, and short, however I will go a little further and explain to you why I sleep less, why I work more, and why I am taking new risks…

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end goal-2

End Goals Vs Mean Goals

Goals Goals are important or at least they should be. A few days ago I ran into a blog post talking about end goals vs mean goals. After I watched it I realized how relevant it really was. I was one of those people that was confused by means goals and end goals. I actually…

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Every Accomplishment Starts With the

Make Decisions!

Resolution or Decision? We all have made resolutions and we all have failed at keeping them at one point or another. Most of us will have stopped trying by the end of January. I don’t think the resolution has to be so daunting, but they sure seem that way. What is a resolution? According to…

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MLM invitation

MLM Invitation Keep It Simple

A good MLM invitation is important but I know talking to anybody about money or business can be very nerve wrecking for plenty of us, and if you are anything like I was it takes you three days just to call your best friend or favorite aunt and invite them to see your new home…

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What If. . .

What if you had a three year old’s “vision”? I am sitting in my three year old’s room per his request.  He is playing with Legos and blocks, not building anything in particular or at least I thought. What looked like a big mess and random towers of blocks, jenga pieces, and Legos was actually…

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Those People-2

Those People

Often I hear people say “I hate corporate America!” I also hear them say “I hate sales people!” Further still, I hear them say “small businesses are having a harder and harder time!” and lastly, I hear often “the middle class is getting wiped out!” Not only have I heard people say these things, I…

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