create a blog

Create A Blog? Me? No Way!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever create a blog. Honestly I did not even know what a blog really was so I definitely didn’t think I could create a blog.  I thought blogs, whatever they were, had to be given to you! Obviously I found out differently or you would…

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snapchat marketing ideas

Snapchat Marketing Ideas

Snapchat marketing has recently really taken off! Many of the top marketers in the network marketing or direct sales niche are jumping on board. In fact, if you are reading this and are not on snapchat you are a bit late to the party! But that’s ok, because snapchat and snapchat marketing is like no…

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Be Do Have

Be Do Have: Your Home Business Needs You To Get This!

Be Do Have is a concept I heard first last year at Ray Higdon’s top earner academy from Jerry Clark who was one of the speakers over the weekend. Those of us in home business need to get this concept right. Unfortunately most of us have it backwards. In the video below I’ll explain how…

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video marketing a simple trick

Video Marketing: A Simple Trick To Get Started

Does the idea video marketing make you go hide in the corner? Does being in front of the camera make you nauseous? Well you don’t have to be so terrified of video marketing. There is a simple way to start getting in front of the camera and you do not have to worry about how…

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MLM Duplication

MLM Duplication Everyone Can Do

MLM Duplication might be the most important part of your business’s long term success. So the question is what is something you can show your MLM team to do that they can show their MLM prospect to do? There are many ways to duplicate, yet it seems too often to be a missing piece in…

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing: 3 Tips To More Lead Generation

YouTube marketing can be one of your most powerful tools in lead generation when you are trying to build a list. In general video marketing is the best way to reach your audience. Video marketing is more engaging than written posts and more effective than images. Don’t get me wrong all three are good but…

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twitter marketing

Twitter Marketing: 3 Strategies To More Twitter MLM Leads

Twitter marketing can be frustrating and time consuming but if you can master it and automate some aspects, it becomes a valuable asset to your MLM business. Recently I was on a webinar with Adam Chandler ( and he was sharing his secrets to double digit leads daily with his twitter marketing. In the video…

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First Believe You Can Succeed

First Believe You Can Succeed

Believe you can succeed and you will be successful! If you are an entrepreneur you have heard this over and over again, right? Is it really true? Well one thing I do well is study. Since I have started network marketing I have been trying to get better at it and become successful. Every trainer…

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passion for network marketing

Passion For Network Marketing, Do You Have Enough?

Passion when I first joined my network marketing company was not my strongest asset. Like most people I first joined not because of passion for the product, or the type of business but because I saw a way to make some money from the comfort of my home. As time went on, I realized there…

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Become an Authority Figure in your Niche

How Do You Become An Authority In Your Niche?

To become an authority in your niche is not as complicated as you may think! All you need is a willingness to put yourself out there in some form and do one thing. In the video below I tell you what that one thing is, so give it a look and if you get some…

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