network marketing mindset

Network Marketing Mindset Training

What is network marketing mindset? Well if you’ve been in your company for a bit you know it’s basically being able to take the hits and keep on going. In my opinion, mindset training should be a requirement to anyone thinking of joining a network marketing company. The first thing you have to remember is…

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pinterest marketing strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy For Network Marketers

I must admit it never crossed my mind to have a Pinterest marketing strategy, much less a Pinterest marketing strategy for network marketers. Recently my mind was changed how one can use Pinterest for business. I was on a web class hosted by Vince Reed ( and he had Melyssa Griffin ( on as a…

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How to close your network marketing prospects

How To Close Your Prospects In Network Marketing

Another Sunday marketing solution and this time we covered “How To Close Your Prospects In Network Marketing” If your in network marketing your company is realy good at teaching you prospecting but usually they don’t do much teaching on closing your prospects. Yet if you are presenting you need to know how to close your…

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Instagram Lead Generation

Instagram Lead Generation For Network Marketers

Instagram lead generation-how to use instagram marketing to attract more leads was my first Sunday Marketing Solution. Instagram lead generation can be tricky but it is very possible. I was on a webinar through the MLSP community and april Marie Tucker was hosting. She is known as the Instagram Queen or Instagram Marketing Queen. She…

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Warm Market Prospecting

Warm Market Prospecting – Warm Market Differentiation

Warm market prospecting is supposed to be easy but not every warm market prospect is created equally. In other words, the way you approach your sister is not the way you should approach an old high school acquaintance. When it comes to the “warm market” and “warm market prospecting” there are categories. There are people…

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create a blog

Create A Blog? Me? No Way!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever create a blog. Honestly I did not even know what a blog really was so I definitely didn’t think I could create a blog.  I thought blogs, whatever they were, had to be given to you! Obviously I found out differently or you would…

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snapchat marketing ideas

Snapchat Marketing Ideas

Snapchat marketing has recently really taken off! Many of the top marketers in the network marketing or direct sales niche are jumping on board. In fact, if you are reading this and are not on snapchat you are a bit late to the party! But that’s ok, because snapchat and snapchat marketing is like no…

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Be Do Have

Be Do Have: Your Home Business Needs You To Get This!

Be Do Have is a concept I heard first last year at Ray Higdon’s top earner academy from Jerry Clark who was one of the speakers over the weekend. Those of us in home business need to get this concept right. Unfortunately most of us have it backwards. In the video below I’ll explain how…

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video marketing a simple trick

Video Marketing: A Simple Trick To Get Started

Does the idea video marketing make you go hide in the corner? Does being in front of the camera make you nauseous? Well you don’t have to be so terrified of video marketing. There is a simple way to start getting in front of the camera and you do not have to worry about how…

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MLM Duplication

MLM Duplication Everyone Can Do

MLM Duplication might be the most important part of your business’s long term success. So the question is what is something you can show your MLM team to do that they can show their MLM prospect to do? There are many ways to duplicate, yet it seems too often to be a missing piece in…

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