Become an Authority Figure in your Niche

How Do You Become An Authority In Your Niche?


To become an authority in your niche is not as complicated as you may think! All you need is a willingness to put yourself out there in some form and do one thing. In the video below I tell you what that one thing is, so give it a look and if you get some value please share it and let me know what you think in the comments!

What To Do To Become An Authority

I know for some you are already thinking there is no way I can ever become an authority, that’s for all the top earners out there! Well most became top earners because they were seen as an authority in their niche before they ever made 6 figures. So if you are serious about making a life with your business you should start teaching what you know and create content.  I realize there are leaders out there that are made millions and they did not create tons of content, I get that but they are still out there on social media posting things and showing their faces. The world is different now and you need to show your face and little by little you will start to grow an audience! Success is cumulative like a snowball rolling down a mountain.

Content Is Leverage

Do you want to leave a legacy? How big do you want your team to be? Are you going to train every single person on your own, live and in person? You see where I’m going with this. Never mind that every person out there is buried in there phone online in some form. Look network marketing is a people business and we should never lose sight of that but it is also a numbers game and you should fish where the fish are! Your video or audio that teaches and makes you an authority is a great way to save time. Just point your new team members to some trainings you did. They will be excited to take it all in and you don’t have to spend hours teaching everyone the same thing over and over again!

So jump on some training webinars or maybe a conference call, and take some notes and then teach what you learned. Even if you just pick one point from whatever it is you learned and create a 30 second video and put it on Facebook that will begin to give you more exposure. Put your head down and do that for 30, 60, 90 days and good things will come. Hell even if you have to do it longer, if you are serious about your business it should not matter how long it takes. Click To Tweet There are way less teachers out there than students so trust me when I say there is room for you to grow and become an authority!

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