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Be Do Have: Your Home Business Needs You To Get This!


Be Do Have is a concept I heard first last year at Ray Higdon’s top earner academy from Jerry Clark who was one of the speakers over the weekend. Those of us in home business need to get this concept right. Unfortunately most of us have it backwards.

In the video below I’ll explain how the Be Do Have concept works and why you should implement it as soon as possible to grow your home business!

Be Do Have: My Notes

“Be” this is the emotional part. Your beliefs and more importantly the intensity of your beliefs. How is your self-esteem? How do you interpret your current situation? If you want to be a great leader you have to first start acting like one before you are ever seen as one by anybody else! I know it’s cliché but “be the change.” You don’t need more resources just learn to be more resourceful. Heard that from Tony Robbins and I try to remember it whenever I am feeling sorry for myself.

“Do” is the behavioral. There are emotional triggers that drive behavior. So once you are believing you are a leader you will do the things leaders do. Lead by example. If you want your team to do certain things you need to do them too. But the belief comes first. If you find yourself unable to take the actions you need to take then work on the “be” part of the “be do have” concept.

“Have” is the technical knowhow or your knowledge base and skills you have learned. This is where most of us start we want to get the knowledge or skills. It’s not a horrible idea because you have to have some idea of what you are doing. But if you spend all your time consuming courses or sharpening your saw it means you are not taking any action.

I Had It Backwards

I, like many others, had be do have backwards with 80% of my time spent trying to learn the newest skill or anything that could launch my business. The issue here is I was not taking enough action because I thought nobody would listen to me. Who was I? Don’t be like me. I don’t care where you are in your business you can be the leader people are looking for. Be the person now then do the things that person would do and then you can have anything you want!

Hopefully this be do have concept is making sense. Just start with the first part and get that solidified.

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Rock On,

Dr. Memo

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