3 Instagram Marketing Tips

3 Instagram Marketing Tips For Free Followers


These Instagram marketing tips will help you get more free followers so you can take your Instagram marketing to another level. Instagram is great for marketing and branding. Most people on Instagram are engaged, plus it’s so easy to access because it is a mobile app. In other words you can build a brand and get more followers on Instagram from your phone. On the webinar I was on, they stated how Instagram is probably the best way to get free leads because everyone sees your post unlike Facebook where there is an algorithm that will only show your post to a percentage of your fans.

Still just like any other social media site just because your name is on the profile it doesn’t mean you really own it. Think of it as leasing the space for free. Why am I even talking about this? Because if Instagram does not like the things you are doing or posting the will shut you down! So before I give you my Instagram marketing tips in the video below let me help you avoid being shut down.

Avoid Instagram Jail (these are suggestions form an Instagram marketing expert)

  1. There are Limits (per day)
    1. About 1000 likes
    2. About 250 comments
    3. About 300 followers
    4. About 200 unfollows
  2. There are Rules
    1. Read the terms and conditions
    2. Stay away from money making terms or hashtags
    3. Not too many selfies, mlm products, income claims or money flashing
    4. Have a profile image
    5. If new add 10 images right away
    6. Don’t post duplicate comments

3 Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Strategies

In your description make sure you indicate for people to follow you and also provide a link because it is the only place your prospects can click. It is advised that you link lead to a capture page so you can get a lead but make sure what you are providing is something of value and congruent with your message. Also I mentioned this in the video but try to provide value with your posts. Last two points for Instagram marketing: make sure your account is not private and use appropiate hashtags and people will find you!

More on Crowdfire

Besides being able to ramp up your Instagram marketing by allowing you to schedule posts, it will let you follow and unfollow. You can search your competitors and then follow their followers. Plus you can unfollow people who are not following you. Using Pinterest to get images for your Instagram is a great strategy. Don’t worry if it has somebody else’s link because on Instagram the pics are not clickable. If necessary just give them a shout out when you do post the pic. Besides the mobile app, there is also a crowdfire extension for chrome which makes it super easy to use when on your computer. Remember the biggest advantage is that you can schedule you posts so you can stay in front of you audience. If you want to create your own Instagram post another great tool for your computer is canva.com. One last thing, when you are picking images for Instagram they have to be square when using crowdfire.

I hope you got some value from this post. If so, please comment and share. If you want to learn how to use Facebook events to grow your team click here.

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